Marc Emery’s suggestions from prison to better B.C.

By Jon Ferry, The Province April 29, 2012

Marc Emery has 10 suggestions for improving life in British Columbia:

1. Eliminate the provincial income tax, lowering it to zero in thirds over three years.

2. Abolish the RCMP in the province. Establish a modest-sized provincial police force answerable to the provincial solicitor-general and attorney-general. B.C. will need far fewer cops and jails once you eliminate the illegal drug markets.

3. Base MLA selection based on a combination of preferential voting (first, second and third choices, etc., on each ballot) or a first-past-the-post system combined with proportional representation.

4. Make the referendum process in B.C. much more accessible by lowering the threshold of signatures required to four per cent of registered voters obtained over a 180-day period, with paid signature-gathering permitted.

5. Eliminate all provincial tax subsidies to business, including the entertainment industry.

6. Raise the royalties on resource extraction (lumber, oil and gas and mining) while reducing regulations.

7. Allow offshore oil and gas exploration.

8. Require all B.C. educational facilities to encourage students to become proficient in Chinese languages.

9. Get the B.C. government out of education, ending the "monolithic union influence," and set up a voucher system so parents can send children to a school of their choice in a vibrant marketplace with multiple options for both parents and teachers.

10. Reduce the number of people sent to prison by ending drug prohibition and so-called computer crimes and by making greater use of house arrest. Put violent people in cottages in remote locations with electronic monitoring, a garden where they can grow food and a limited library.

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