We Need Help!

To continue to update and promote our sites, and for car and travel expense….

To my follower’s who have wondered why I am never at any of the meetings, etc.,

I can tell you that it is due to having no finances to work with.  I am lucky just to be

able to pay my utilities, etc., and survive.  I have previously went for several

month’s with no internet connection and no way to pay for the websites.  At least

I’ve made it that far now but still cannot afford vehicle expenses or travel expenses to

actually get anywhere.  There are many meeting’s, etc., that I should have been able

to attend.  I am on Disability and cannot do any viable work to make money and I

certainly do not sell drugs. Therefore I am dependent upon anyone who is able to

donate a dollar or two to my cause….Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help and God Bless!


(Mailing Address is :  Sheree Krider, 70 Mammoth Cave Loop Rd., Cave City, Kentucky 42127)

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