1. ShereeKrider
    July 16, 2015 @ 11:41 pm

    Funtown Mountain opens after brief closure; owner says he needed break

  2. ShereeKrider
    July 17, 2015 @ 10:00 am

    From Facebook comes these comments on the above subject:
    i wake up to a post that really disturbs me. i reposted a comment that Red VanWinkle made regarding the arrest of the new guntown owner for smoking a joint. Kelly Johnson who claims to be for decriminalization says that non-violent offenders should be arrested even if its just a joint because its against the law. Kelly Johnson, please remove yourself from any of my pages. we do not need your kind of justice nor your kind of support to decriminalize. no one should be arrested for cannabis, period. heres the post and comments.
    Henry Fox · Lee College
    Red VanWinkle shared WAVE 3 News’s photo.
    12 hrs · Hey Kentucky great job morons!!!
    I am talking to all Kentuckians that has not at least made the call to their legislators, asking them to Decriminalize simple small amount Marijuana possessions.
    I don’t care if you do get mad, Your a moron!!! You just assisted the state in costing several people their jobs. You also killed a fun park. All because you would rather people drink alcohol, instead of consuming the safer substance of Cannabis.
    The man brought an annual festival to KY, 2 stores, and a Theme park. How did we thank him. We arrested him for smoking a joint!!! (He was caught smoking a joint).
    Take note, this fun park nobody wanted. The cost of bringing it back up to code, was more than the fun park was worth. So it set empty for over a decade. I guess it might sit until it falls down now. Again, good job morons!!!
    I guess the more dangerous, addictive, and destructive substance of Alcohol is what the morons of state wants the people to consume.
    So we lose even more money, while other states are making a killing. We send our Marijuana sales money to gangs, and violent drug cartels. Colorado, and several more states send the Marijuana profits to schools, road, law enforcement, and the people of the community. I will say it again. You are a MORON!!!
    If you think a person should be caged for consuming a substance safer than alcohol, tobacco, and even caffeine. YOUR A MORON!!!
    I will say it. Thank you William Russell for all you have done for KY. If there is anything I can assist you with, just let me know.
    WAVE 3, you are more than welcome to share my statement about the MORONS of KY.
    This has got to stop!!! If not, Ky could go from the 5th poorest state, to the #1 poorest state soon!!!
    Morons smh
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    Kelly Johnson · Top Commenter · Louisville, Kentucky
    I am sorry but the dude just called all Kentuckians a moron…is in fact A MORON !!!! I too think that marijuana should be decriminalized. But with that said…the laws are what they are…and if you break the laws…guess what MORON…you will be arrested! Duh !!! Stop defending law breakers !!! The law is the law…DUH!!! Until the law is changed….then stupid MORONS risk be arrested…DUH!!!
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    · 2 hours ago
    Henry Fox · Lee College
    if you read what he said which you apparently didn’t…hes calling all people that have not at least made a phone call to their reps in Kentucky a moron. have you at least made that phone call? are you a moron?
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    Henry Fox this is the Kelly Johnson im referring to. https://www.facebook.com/kelly.johnson.505523
    Kelly Johnson
    Kelly Johnson’s photo.
    Kelly Johnson
    Louisville, Kentucky
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    Henry Fox maybe i should just try to educate her instead of asking her to remove herself. she may support decriminalization but not aware of the facts and whats going on. i dont know….i sent her a private message…
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    Sheree Krider
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