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    August 5, 2015 @ 4:37 pm

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    August 5, 2015 @ 4:38 pm

    […] We have to stop the Government from abusing our children!. […]

  3. kyblueblood13
    August 5, 2015 @ 4:44 pm

    Sheriff Kornzenborn gave a statement on the news last night that his deputy followed the Constitution and was correct in his actions and he is standing by him.. I suggested they get informed about the ADA, because they violated it Also calling for someone outside of themselves to investigate the matter.. Covington PD, Kenton Co P/D as well as the City of Covington all are making it clear this has nothing to do with them . I beg to differ.. It happened in your city, your county and your Independent School District.. Shameful and disgraceful. I am a lifelong citizen of this county and we want change.. They run a kangaroo kourt sytem.. hold everyone to a different standard. On a positive note ,both the sheriff and the deputy are Old and are retirement age. or beyond.. Too old of mind sets to be dealing with today’s complex system. No empathy.. No remorse..

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